Working with clients throughout Europe and America, Inis Films have an extensive background in Film and Television Production

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Inís Films based in Dublin, Ireland, is an established company with an extensive background in film and television production in Ireland, Europe and the USA. The primary strength of Inís Films is its tightly knit management team and its track record as providers of broadcasting product to a wide television market. The directors of Inís Films have a proven record combined with practical expertise and in depth knowledge in the television industry.

Photgraph of the Inis Films Crew

The company has successfully completed large-scale production projects for leading entertainment companies, such as 'The Hunger Strike' (2006) a 60-min social/political documentary about the 1980/81 Hunger Strikes, for BBC1 Northern Ireland, FOX Family Network's (US)2002 Hit RealityTV show 'Scariest Places on Earth' and iCandy TV's (US) 2001 'Beyond Chance' and is European production providers for MTV's (US) 'The Ozbournes' 2003 and 'Meet The Barkers' 2004. Joel Conroy of Inís Films began his career in 1996 as assistant to Jonathon Taylor of iCandyTV USA for Bunim Murray Productions and MTV's USA series Road Rules filmed in Australia, Hawaii and America. He is now an experienced Producer/Director and writer of documentary, music, and commercial films in Ireland, UK and abroad. His relevant credits include The Hunger Strike for BBC1 Northern Ireland and a second Irish language Ocras version for TG4 co-funded by the Northern Ireland Film & Television Commission and the Broadcast Commission of Ireland, Eye of the Storm a doumentary for RTÉ co-funded by the Irish Film Board, Red Bull Surf Safari - UK & Ireland for C4 UK, a drama re-creation of Beyond Chance for iCandyTV and FOX USA, Round Ireland Jet Ski Challenge for Red Bull and TV3 Ireland and a range of speciality programming for Widervision, Vodafone (underwater filming) and Red Bull (extreme water sports).


BROADCASTERS: BBC Northern Ireland, RTE, Odyssee (France), TV3, TG4, MTV

FUNDERS: Bord Scannon na hEireann / The Irish Film Board, The Northern Ireland Film & Television Commission, The Broadcast Commission of Ireland, EU ICBAN / InterregIIIA

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Besom Productions (N. Ire), iCandy TV (USA), Wider Vision Productions (Ire), Newgrange Prictures (Ire)

COMMERCIAL COMPANIES: Corporate Video Associates, Red Bull

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Inis Films, 64 Lower Gardiner Street Dublin 1. Ireland.

Tel: +353 (1) 855 6388 Fax: +353 (1) 855 1672